Our Education Programmes

Julie and Nick run the most inspiring, fun and worthwhile music courses around. Dozens of our students have attended their courses and have benefitted greatly from their expert tuition, buzzy workshops and opportunities to perform at every turn.”  GP

Edinburgh, Scotland January 2019,

Moscow, Russia January 2019, 

Seoul, South Korea April 2019,

Transylvania September 2019,

Thailand December 2019 

Edinburgh, Scotland January 2020

Moscow, Russia January 2020

Pattaya, Thailand March 2020


Fettes Prep School   Edinburgh, Scotland

January 2020

Music Workshops

We were delighted to welcome back the dynamic musical duo of Nick Foster and Julie Wright for a fun-filled day of workshops. Nick and Julie travel the world, giving motivational sessions to children from nursery and kindergarten level, right through to conservatoire and aspiring professional musicians, as well as leading ‘Worldwide Woodwind Workshops’.

M and P Form pupils had engaging sessions playing musical games and ensemble pieces on recorders and xylophones. Next came the Woodwind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Flute Group and Orchestra players, who were taken on a musical adventure with no less than nine new pieces of music to work on for a performance at the end of the day!

The children practised incredibly hard, demonstrating talent, determination, focus and impressive teamwork and our wonderful guests made sure that every session was educative, fun and inspiring for all.The concert was a huge success with some uplifting, characterful playing from every group.

Well done to all and a huge thank you to Nick and Julie for a wonderful day.

International School of the Eastern Seaboard,

Pattaya, Thailand 

December 2019

 Nick wrote music to include everyone – even single note, beginner recorders !

Moieciu de Sus…. a small village school in Transylvania, Romania where our presentations were a completely new experience. 

“such a beautiful and new musical experience for the students with everyone joining in” IT 2019


Fettes College, Scotland, January 2019

Julie and Nick are a dynamic duo with a full career of performing and teaching and now sharing their expertise by  offering classes, coaching, presentations and residential courses for Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone players of all ages and ability levels. For those who enjoy more regular contact, then we also offer Skype or FaceTime teaching sessions. 

” their work was just so much better than I had expected …”
Jonathan Giles Ling, Shrewsbury School, Bangkok 

Kids College, Seoul, South Korea,


Kindergarten students are enthralled by the instruments and keen to get as close as possible! 


Our School Programmes and Educational Presentations

Julie Wright Flutes, Piccolo, Recorders – ARCM LGSM B.Ed Hons
Nicholas Foster Clarinet, Saxophones SATB – GRNCM

Julie and Nick travel around the world as professional music consultants and educators.
Both have ever 30 years experience of teaching, performing and presenting. Their dynamic style, ever present joie de vivre and expertise makes them a popular choice in schools.

Inspiration, Motivation and Education – We aim to share our love of music and our instruments with students of all ages and abilities, within an interactive and fun – filled framework.

We propose any of the following :-

1:1 instrumental teaching sessions on flute, clarinet and saxophone (20/30/40 minute sessions work well and we can also include more students in a group if they are a similar playing level)

Flute ensembles

Clarinet ensembles

Saxophone ensembles

Mixed wind ensembles

Competition (with our unique style of positive adjudication – where everyone does well !)

Group recorders – any level from first note onwards

Classroom motivation sessions – “meet the instruments and the players”

Fun demo sessions for younger groups from kindergarten upwards ( we suggest 20/25 minute sessions and adjust our material to suit each age grade. )

Full assemblies including school student players as well.

Professional Development for instrumental teachers needing tips and techniques on their own or a new instrument.

Sessions can be arranged to fit into the school timetable, after school or as week-end workshops. We are happy for any session to culminate in an informal open presentation for other students or parents.

We provide all the music and can adjust the level in situ to suit the players present. It is important that everyone feels included, able to take part and enjoys the activity.

Fee and Expenses.
We are always happy to negotiate a fee to suit or to share with a group of schools to make it viable within a budget.
Economy Travel from the UK, transits, accommodation and a fee are the basic requisites.

Reference from Director of Music
AAS, Moscow.
“ Having taught band at the Anglo-American School of Moscow from 2012-2016, I had the pleasure of having Nick and Julie visit the school to work with my students for four consecutive years. At first glance, one may wonder whether or not having them work with young musicians over the span of just two or three days could make a difference in not only the individual musician’s skills but also the band program as a whole. As an initial sceptic myself, I can attest to the fact that these two musicians work nothing less than miracles during their time at the school. On average, Nick and Julie may only be able to have one to three lessons per musician during each visit and yet they are able to quickly assess areas in each child’s performance skills that are in need of repair or adjustment and then they provide quick, clear and understandable remedies that usually take effect almost immediately.
Nick and Julie are not just masters of their instruments but master educators as well. They obviously have a great love for music and the young musicians they work with around the world. If you or your school are contemplating whether or not to invite Nick and Julie or are considering attending a workshop as a performer yourself, you will not regret the decision to do so.”  Dan Miller. Music Educator 1989-present.


Julie and Nick at work  with all grades from Kindergarten to High School at the Anglo American Schools of Moscow and St Petersburg in January 2016.

First lessons and “check-ups” for instrumentalists and interactive musical presentations for all.


Link to more details

Adult Flute Courses

Adult Clarinet Courses

Adult Saxophone Courses

Amateur Adult players of all levels at work on our courses .

Adult Music Workshops, Flute, Clarinet & Saxophone Lessons,

Residential Music Holidays in Greece, Italy, Croatia and Portugal. Partners welcome.

All levels from absolute beginners to advanced.

We specialize in everything from essential repertoire,
general motivation and progress,  structured practice, diagnostic help to tips and techniques for general improvement to nerve control.

Coached ensembles and 1 : 1 tuition in unique venues with delicious home cooking

Late starters and lapsed learners always welcome!

Groups are kept very small for maximum attention.

See Listings for  2017 here
email: Julie Wright


Individual and Group Tuition. Complete beginners through to diploma.

Many schools do not offer individual instrumental tuition and we find that even just a few sessions are invaluable for secure progress and to encourage a more focused approach.

Tips on breathing, tone, good posture, avoiding finger faults & what to play next go a long way to ensure continued interest & enjoyment.


Small Ensembles

Small ensemble work reaches each individual and fulfils more than just musical aims. working together as a partnership is a valuable performance tool in every walk of life.

Our library of music has parts to include many, varied combinations of instruments and levels of player, Duos, Trios and Quartets…..

We are more than happy to start your beginner recorder group, too.

Seoul 1


Assemblies for Early Years/Primary/ Secondary to introduce the instruments in an interactive, educative, alive style.

One of our favourite sessions is sharing our work with individual school classes. We interact and make contact; thus the students feel part of the presentation.

They ask many interesting and relevant questions & many of them then go on to play an instrument and enjoy music themselves !


From one hour to half a day to a full day programme.
A combination of Tone, Technique, Teaching Tips and Group Coaching.
These are particularly beneficial when culminating in a “work in progress” public presentation for parents.


Open sessions on work in progress for all levels of player.

Competitions and Adjudication

Competitive adjudications or non competitive assessments
Exam Preparation
Help for Associated Board of the Royal Schools Exams, Trinity Guildhall Exams
and Music GCSE/AS/A level and IB performance.

We find that competitive adjudications & non competitive assessments are equally important for motivation and continued progress.

Positive advice is respected by all especially when presented in a friendly manner and non threatening situation.

Our masterclasses and “competitions” are interactive and audience inclusive.

Our aim is to motivate and enthuse the individual whilst offering good advice and valuable teaching tips aswell as discussing interpretation and style.


We are professional performers and are happy to give a concert whether in a formal situation or as an interactive demonstration of our instruments and the varied repertoire that we can play.

30 to 45 minute programme using ourselves as soloists or a combination of ourselves, students and groups.

Repertoire includes Bach, Albeniz, Disney, Tchaikovsky, Joplin, Mozart, Gossec, Mancini and popular Broadway hits.
Our presentations are planned to suit the interest and focus level of the age groups concerned.
We adjust the material accordingly



Flute Choir, Clarinet Group, Saxophone Ensembles, Mixed Groups
Any combination duos/trios/quartets etc

Group music making is an enjoyable and valuable team work experience.

We offer many combinations and have our own unique library of over 300 music arrangements to include all levels of player from 3 notes to Advanced.

Flute choir – Piccolo, C flute, Alto and Bass, Flutes and Cello/Bassoon, Saxophone group SATB, Clarinet choir & Mixed Wind.



Large Groups
Russian flute choir

Russian flute choir

Big Band, Mixed Wind, High School Bands, Concert Bands.
We enjoy bringing large groups of players together and many of our arrangements are of orchestral pieces arranged for woodwind

Teachers and Professional Development


It is important for teachers to recharge their batteries and play and socialise with like-minded others.

At the same time, pedagogical discussions evolve and ideas are developed. Above all, teachers return with renewed expertise, energy and enthusiasm.

We can also help you to create and structure an event using our wide experience.

Our sessions are aimed at  instrumental music teachers and intending teachers with little experience who  are now needing to teach more than just their principal instrument.
We offer group and individual sessions for learning flute, clarinet and saxophone with up to the minute advice, tips, techniques & essential repertoire.

Residential Holiday Courses/Camps

DSC00211 (2)


Student residential courses are one of our specialities and we have been directing our own summer school for many years at Earls Hall in Suffolk with its glorious gardens.
Top level teaching, establishing good practice techniques, increased motivation and a general battery recharge are our aims. The students enjoy being together with like-minded others and soon get into the playing, practising and performing routine!

Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone Skype 1 : 1 lessons

Reach us from anywhere…!  Skype lessons are for those who do not have a regular teacher and for whom distance and travel time can be a problem.

We find it a very successful means of contact especially when used in conjunction with a residential course.  Both Julie and Nick regularly teach this way and all you need is WiFi.

To book a workshop, masterclass, concert, presentation or private coaching, please contact Julie Wright
We can also help you to create, plan and structure a musical event if you need to draw from our experience.

“Julie Wright and Nick Foster have been visiting the Anglo-American School of Moscow annually for seven years, and  for two years have visited our St Petersburg campus. Their work with individual students has been truly enriching, and their work both with individuals and groups has helped to inspire students and has led to a steady improvement in our music programme. They are always very welcome visitors, our students are always thrilled to see them back, as are the teachers.” 

Ian Forster Deputy Director, AAS Moscow

Julie and Nick run the most inspiring, fun and worthwhile music courses around.Dozens of our students have attended their courses and have benefitted greatly from their expert tuition, buzzy workshops and opportunities to perform at every turn.These are the courses where your child really can expect to make the equivalent of a year’s musical progress in just a few days. All the music is arranged by Nick to suit the level and experience of each player and the concerts are relaxed and fun, enabling instrumentalists to flourish and gain confidence as they progress onto the next level. The courses are held in beautiful venues with superb home cooked food and opportunities for country pursuits and outdoor concerts. Team work, making new friends and the camaraderie of playing in ensembles all come as part of the package.Nick and Julie are the perfect hosts as well as top musicians and educators themselves. 10/10!
Gavin Pettinger, Director of Music, Newland House School May 2013

Worldwide Woodwind Workshops