What do we have to pay for an educational visit  ?

We are UK based so a return economy flight from London, accommodation, meals, airport transits and school transits plus a negotiable fee are the basic requisites.

How many days do you work  ?

We can do as many days as you require and can also do workshops on weekend days.

How many hours do you work in each day ?

This depends upon the school timetable but a full morning session of activities, lunch break and a full afternoon session to fit the school day would be typical.  Late afternoons and evening sessions can also be included with a negotiable add-on fee.

What times of year can we book you ?

Any to suit the school calendar, but please be advised that we are often booked up over a year in advance.

Do you have references etc ?

Yes, and we are happy to give you the contact details for you to liaise and chat in detail.

Residential Courses

How much do the residential courses cost ?

Please link to our other website for details

Course Costs

How do I pay ?

You can pay by online bank transfer or cheque or PayPal

Any currency exchange costs/bank charges etc need to be included.

A non returnable deposit of £100 secures a place on any course and the balance is payable one month before the course begins. After this time, the whole sum is non refundable unless we can fill your place.

How can I book a place on a course ?

Email us for any more information that you may need, or fill in an online booking form through the following link:

Booking Form

What if I have to cancel ?

We take a non refundable deposit of £100 when you make a booking. This is, as stated, “non refundable” The balance of payment is due 1 month before the course begins. Once the final balance is paid, then this amount is also non refundable unless we can refill the place at the last minute.

What is a typical daily programme for a residential course ?

On UK courses, we work all morning from 9.30 to lunch time. Then a break to eat lunch and enjoy some free leisure time. We meet again at 16.30 and play until 18.30 when there is an pre-dinner musical soiree. Feel free to continue playing into the evening after dinner, if you have enough energy!

On worldwide courses, we work all morning but take lunch out at leisure, combined with sightseeing in the locality. Then we resume again at 17.00 and work and eat well into the evening.

What are the group sizes ?

We keep the group sizes small and exact numbers depend upon the size of venue

Typically a 1 : 1 course has 3 or 4 players and an ensemble course may have 6-7 or 8 – 10.

And the age range ?

Students are welcome from age 7 to 18, with full pastoral care provided.

For Adults there is no age limit as in our opinion, you are never too old to learn!

We never mix Adults with Students.

 Is everything included or is there more to pay ?

We have no hidden costs. UK courses are full board with all meals included. Worldwide courses are half board with lunch taken out at your leisure.

What standard of accommodation can I expect ?

All of our venues are chosen for their unique qualities and surroundings. Bedrooms vary from:-

Single/Double ensuite

Single/Double not ensuite but with a bathroom very nearby

Twin shared ensuite

Twin shared not ensuite

Occasionally we may be able to offer a sofa bed or folding bed option at a preferential rate

Naturally some rooms are bigger/smaller than others and we allocate them on a first booking arrangement with the best rooms being given to those who make an early reservation

And the food ?

Meal times are a highlight and we do the cooking ourselves, so menus are a creative and delicious experience with time to chat and enjoy the company!  We do our best to  cater for special diets and eating preferences.  Please indicate in advance any food issues so that we can shop accordingly.

Can I bring a Friend or Partner  ?

Yes, we welcome Friends and Partners and most of our venues have interesting local walks and sightseeing. The rates for room share are on the cost page. Please ask if you wish to reserve separate rooms as this will depend upon availability.

Do I need to be able to read music ?

This depends on the course you wish to attend.

Advanced courses need fluent reading or you hold others up…..!

Intermediate courses need reading but we expect errors  …..

Beginner players need to have the willingness to learn how to read more fluently and we take it at your pace.

Improvisation – None of our courses are improvisation based so some notation is required.

I have more questions regarding the courses  ….

Please contact us at any time and we can also link you with another player of similar standard who will happily answer a few questions.

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