Flute Courses

Flute Courses

Flute Course listings: Courses and workshops

Flute Courses for Amateur Adult Flute Players, Flute Teachers and Flute Students.

Flute Residential Courses for Amateur Adult Flute Players, Flute Teachers and Flute Students.

Professional Development Courses for Flute Teachers

Our signature style is to create a small and friendly course atmosphere where we have time for everyone and so numbers are kept between 6 and 14 depending upon the venue.


February 9th – 22nd  The Cotswolds, near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK   6 courses

March 14th – 21st     Venice – The Lido – Italy    2 courses

May 3rd – 10th  Taroudant, Morocco

June 11th – 15th Giggleswick, Settle, Yorkshire

June 15th – 22nd  Burford, Shropshire, UK    2 consecutive courses

July 20th – August 9th  Earls Hall, Cockfield, Suffolk 5 consecutive courses

August 18th – 25th The Old Sawmill and Stables, Hastingleigh, Kent   2 consecutive courses

August 25th – September 1st  The Old Sawmill and Stables, Hastingleigh, Kent  Trevor Wye International Course

October 5th – 12 th Oad Street, Kent  2 consecutive ciourses

November 2nd – 9th Hope, Derbyshire 2 consecutive courses

Adult Flute Courses

Student Flute Courses

Course Comparison and Availability

Worldwide Woodwind Workshops

Julie Wright ARCM LGSM B.Ed Hons. 

Nicholas Foster GRNCM

Our flute, clarinet and saxophone courses are for beginner to advanced players on flute, clarinet and saxophone players of all ages; student to adult and those needing professional development. Small groups, unique venues, delicious home cooking and top quality tuition are our hallmarks. Each individual player matters and is made to feel welcome with music arranged to suit the exact playing level.

We are  a dynamic team of professional players and teachers with 35 years of experience working in the UK, Europe and Worldwide to Bahrain, Oman, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Portugal, France, Sweden, Italy, Morocco, Hungary, Spain, Korea, Ireland, Mexico, Turkey, Czech Republic , Montenegro, Poland, Greece, Croatia and Russia.

Flutes en Vacances

  • Residential Flute Courses and Workshops for Adult Flute Players in UK and Worldwide
  • Residential Flute Courses and workshops for Student Flute Players and Woodwind Friends
  • Professional Development world-wide for flute teachers and intending flute teachers
  • 3 hour flute workshops in West London or your own venue
  • 1 day ‘quick fix” flute workshop sessions
  • 1 : 1 flute lessons
  • Skype flute lessons
Advanced Ensemble Workshop

Advanced Ensemble

Advanced Adult Players Flute Courses

Aimed at teachers and advanced players with fluent reading skills who wish to enjoy a residential course playing and relaxing with like-minded others. We have our own library of ensemble music.

Julie coachinng a group

Julie coaching a group

All levels of Adult Player Flute Courses

We specialize in late starters and lapsed learners and are happy to welcome and encourage any adult learner who wishes to improve their playing in a relaxed environment.

Shayne from Australia

Shayne from Australia

Professional Development Flute Courses

PD is aimed at teachers  and intending teachers whether it be on a first study or  to acquire  basic tips + techniques for multi instrument teaching. Many enjoy the battery recharge.

Students rehearsing on a course in Venice

Students in Venice

Student Players Flute Courses

Students work well in a group situation and for many such a “Boot Camp” few days away is just what they need for that motivational and improvement boost. Ages 7 – 19 in 3 groups.


 “You managed to strike just the right balance between being challenging with what was expected whilst still making the tasks achievable and fun. It was also great to get the chance to play with other people. ” JH

Which type of Course is best for me in the UK ?

Flutes en Vacances Residential Flute Courses for Amateur Adults of any level and Teachers/Proficient Players in the UK

We organise 2 types of course :-

1 : 1 tuition for maximum individual help  – or

Ensemble Courses which are ensemble based, workshop style coaching sessions.

For the 1 : 1 courses, there is no set level of experience, as we tailor the programme to suit your exact needs. These courses are always small to give everyone the attention that they need. They suit those who are keen to progress quickly under expert guidance and also those who would benefit from a little more playing experience and tuition before embarking on an ensemble course. Some 1 : 1 courses also include a “Masterclass” opportunity where we share the tips, techniques and teaching of a repertoire piece with others on the course.

For the coached ensemble/workshops courses we offer 3 levels :-

Grade 2 to Grade 6.    Less experienced

Grade 5 to Grade 8+.    More experienced

Grades 8+ & teachers.        Experienced

For anyone who is a beginner to Grade 2/3 level, we strongly encourage you to try a 1 : 1 course first of all.

Naturally there are overlaps and not everyone has a qualification, so please ask for clarification.

Also, where possible, we offer optional ensemble sessions on a 1 : 1 courses and some individual help is always available on an ensemble course.

We have a full library of music for Piccolo, Flute, Alto and Bass.

Single, Twin & Double rooms. Full board. Friends and partners often welcome.

How do the Worldwide courses work ?

Flutes en Vacances – Residential Flute Courses for Amateur Adults and Flute Teachers or Advanced Players worldwide
Once again, we offer 2 types of courses and 3 levels of experience and the structure is part holiday and part playing.

Previous destinations include Istanbul, Budapest, Morocco, Oman, Bahrain, Thailand, Montenegro, Krakow, Lisbon, Porto, Tuscany, Bordeaux, Carcassone, Girona, Corfu, Barcelona, Venice, Croatia, and Seville.

Typically, we play all morning, take lunch out and sight-see in the afternoon,returning again to do more playing and share a meal each evening.

DSC00201 Playing alfresco in Montenegro

Retreat to The Cotswolds

Greyhound Barn near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK

February 9th – 12th Advanced Players and teachers

February 12th – 15th Intermediate to Advanced Players with Julie  and Clarinets with Nick

February 15th – 18th Flute 1 : 1 with Julie or Intermediate to Advanced Saxophones SATB with Nick

February 18th – 21st  Intermediate to Advanced Flutes

February  21st – 22nd   24 hour ” quick fix” for Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone

February 22nd  One day workshop 9.30 – 17.00 including lunch for Flute, Clarinet or Saxophone

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Venice – The Lido – Italy

March 25th – April 1st 

2 consecutive courses or stay for 7 nights


Partners welcome

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Taroudant, Morocco

May 3rd – 10th

Join us for a musical house party – Partners welcome

Luxury Riad accommodation, delicious Moroccan food and time to combine playing with sightseeing

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Giggleswick, Settle, Yorkshire

Giggleswick, Settle, Yorkshire

Giggleswick, Settle, Yorkshire

June11th – 15th  Stay 3 or 4 nights

Adult Flutes 1 : 1

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Take train to Settle and walk 20 minutes (last section is gently uphill) to the venue

The Old Rectory, Burford, Shropshire

Old Rectory, Burford, Shropshire

Old Rectory, Burford, Shropshire

June 15th – 18th  Flute Ensembles

June 18th – 22nd Flute 1 : 1

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Earls Hall, Cockfield, Suffolk, UK

Earl’s Hall, Suffolk – our favourite summer venue.and our 7th year at this venue

July 20th – 23rd  Adult Flute 1 : 1

July 23rd – 26th  Adult Flute Ensembles Intermediate level

July 26th – August 1st     Students aged 8 – 18

August 1st – 5th    Adult Flute 1 : 1

August 5th – 9th    Advanced Adult Flutes and Teachers

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The Old Sawmill and Stables, Hastingleigh, Kent

August 18th – 21st   3 nights

August 21st – 25th    4 nights

The Fundamentals – Back to Basics “Clinic” style courses

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Girona, Spain

2 Bespoke Courses – Partners welcome

September 19th – 23rd

September 23rd – 27th

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 Oad Street near Sittingbourne, Kent, UK

October 5th – 8th

Flute, Clarinet  and Saxophone Bespoke

October 8th – 12th

Flute Bespoke Workshop and Clarinet/ Saxophone Bespoke

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Hope, Derbyshire

November 2nd – 5th  Flute Bespoke

November 5th – 9th  Flute Ensembles/workshops

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The Cotswolds, Barnsley Village, Gloucestershire

November 9th – 12th       Flute Ensembles and Workshops

November 12th – 16th    Flute Ensemble and Workshops

Barnsley Village

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