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Julie Wright  ARCM LGSM B.Ed Hons
Nicholas Foster  GRNCM
Professional musicians with 30 years educational and performing experience
with both students and adults of all ages and abilities

Our aim is to inspire and motivate ....
Courses, workshops, concerts, masterclasses, individual and group lessons, motivational sessions and residential musical holidays in  Bahrain, Oman, Thailand, Canada, France, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, Mexico, India, Hungary, Morocco,
Portugal, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Moscow, Montenegro and Croatia.

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How it all began ....
The Workshops evolved at the request of teachers and students who attended Flutes en Vacances Concerts, Courses, Summer Schools and Play Days and wanted to be part of something similar.
To date we have worked extensively at International Schools, Performing Arts Institutes and Music Establishments/Departments in South Korea, Russia, Thailand, the Gulf States, Oman, Malaysia, Portugal, Mexico, India, France and Egypt as well as extensively in all types of schools across the UK.
We have given motivational sessions to children from nursery and kindergarten level, coached High School bands,
orchestras, wind bands and even military bands; taught individual and mixed ability groups,
helped to establish and coach ensembles for saxophones, flutes, clarinets and multi instrument groups.

Often we are asked to give masterclasses, adjudicate competitions, contests, festivals and present workshops and concerts with input from ourselves as to the structure, format, planning and funding for such events. Naturally, we are on hand to discuss and evaluate to determine whether aims and objectives were achieved as planned.
Frequently teachers need help with ideas to expand a teaching practice or to encourage young people to play and we can offer ideas from our experience to help.
Outreach schemes are also of interest to many teachers. This is where a musical unit goes into the community to play or community members visit the department to share the music making.

Julie Wright 

is from the famous Needham flute and piccolo playing family of the Halle Orchestra. She studied flute and piccolo with Atarah Ben-Tovim  MBE and gained a first class honours degree in music, psychology and education. Julie has pursued a varied freelance playing and teaching career with three commercial recordings in her name to date. She is universally respected by all ages and abilities for her master classes and loved for the irrepressible joie de vivre that has enticed players of all  levels to her ‘Flutes En Vacances’ courses and concerts, held in such tantalizing destinations as Budapest, Venice, Paris, Seville, Oman, Bahrain, Prague, Marrakech, Montenegro, Moscow, Lisbon, Tuscany, Istanbul and Bangkok. Embassy Concerts, corporate presentations and musical soirees also feature highly on Julie's programme.

As one of the most experienced teachers of adults, children and students in the world, she is constantly in demand for her expertise and well liked for her willingness to accept a challenge with a smile and ever present enthusiasm.
For seven years she was teacher of flute and piccolo at Trinity Music College, London, UK. Many of her students gain major scholarships to prestigious educational establishments such as Eton, Harrow, Chethams, Wells, Purcell School, Cheltenham Ladies College and St Pauls, London.
For 18 years she was events co-ordinator and international liaison for the British Flute Society and organized the international UK Flute Convention biannually with Trevor Wye. Since 2012, she has been a tutor and administrator on The International Flute Summer School hosted by Trevor Wye, with 30 students attending from all over the world.

Julie has visited many international educational establishments in Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Thailand, Russia, Canada, USA, UK, France, Russia, Spain, the Gulf States and Portugal to observe and assist with teaching programmes and is into her 30th year of organizing residential music courses for flute, clarinet and saxophone players.

And now? With passport in hand and bags always packed, she is a freelance flute teacher in London, UK  and music education consultant, presenter, workshop and seminar leader, worldwide.

Nicholas Foster

is a graduate of the internationally renowned Chethams School of Music and the Royal Northern College of Music and is acclaimed as a distinctive, versatile clarinetist and musician. Appearing as concerto and recital soloist he has performed throughout the UK, Europe and Scandinavia, the Middle and the Far East.

He has performed and recorded extensively with most UK orchestras including the Ulster Orchestra, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Philharmonic, BBC Scottish Symphony, BBC Concert Orchestra, Opera North, Glyndebourne Opera, Bolshoi Ballet, Halle Orchestra, and Northern Sinfonia with such artists as Jorge Bolet, Sir James Galway, Dimitry Sitkovetsky, Radu Lupu, Nigel Kennedy, Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Sir Michael Tippet, HK Gruber and Gunter Schuller amongst many.

In great demand as both a classical soloist and commercial artist, his credits include film, television and radio productions. He has toured in concert with such diverse artists as Stevie Wonder, Neil Sedaka, Eartha Kitt, Michael Ball, Ronnie Hazelhurst and Shirley Bassey. London West End credits include The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, West Side Story, Chess, 42nd Street, My Fair Lady, Barnum amongst many others.

As an arranger and composer Nicholas has written and arranged for the concert platform, television and radio, producing music from solo items to full big band arrangements. A large number of his works are available through his own publishing company; ranging from study books, duets and trios to large scale ensembles.

Nicholas has established himself as a teacher of high repute with pupils attending his classes worldwide. He has been Professor of Saxophone at Liverpool Hope University and held similar positions in Spain and the Middle East, including the post of Head of Woodwind at the Royal Military School of Music in Oman. He is also a co-founder of 'Worldwide Woodwind Workshops', an organization promoting practical music in schools around the World. Based in southern Europe, he divides his time equally between performing, teaching and composing. Engagements this year include appearances and master classes in Russia, Spain, Portugal, UK, Italy, France, Morocco, Montenegro and Thailand.

Watch Julie and Nick at work in Moscow, March 2012 at the Anglo American School

Essaouira, Morocco January 2015
A concert for the students, their families  and piano teachers from Marrakech
"Musicians for Charity"

The Children's College in Seoul,South Korea. June 2014

Anglo American School Moscow  April 2014

International School Prague March 2013
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Worldwide Woodwind Workshops
email : Julie Wright

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Julie Wright is one of the most extraordinary teachers and inspirer of children of all ages that Britain has produced.
With almost 34 years experience organising and creating original workshops, courses and concerts  all over the world,
her approach to music making and instrumental technique produces amazing results in a very short space of time.
She is equally effective with individual students of all levels, a small number of talented flute-players,
a complete Junior Wind band  or groups of advanced students.
Her energy, experience and charisma motivates all the students to enjoy making music with her whilst
learning how to work to improve their technique.

Associated Board of The Royal Schools Representative, France


I have known Julie for many years, both as a fine player and as a colleague organizing
 British Flute Society International Conventions.
I have also observed her as a coach and teacher helping both amateurs and professionals with their flute playing
 problems and I cannot think of anyone more suited to the task of coaching and conducting flute ensembles.
She is not only the most experienced person in this country, but widely sought after.
I can recommend her to you without reservation of any kind.

Trevor Wye  (FRNCM)


Nicholas Foster is a truly gifted teacher, always inspiring his pupils with a love of the instrument and music.
He gives his students technical tools to achieve their capabilities on their instruments, whether on clarinet, saxophone or flute.
He is a mufti-faceted musician equally at home with classical, jazz and popular repertoire on all three instruments.
Being a successful arranger and composer, he is a very motivational theory and composition teacher too!
Having worked with him on several courses, whether he teaches individual lessons, or ensembles,
he is a dedicated and caring teacher who always gets maximum results.

Associated Board of The Royal Schools Representative, France

May 2013 : Gavin Pettinger, Director of Music at Newland House School says....

"Julie and Nick run the most inspiring, fun and worthwhile music courses around.

Dozens of our students have attended their courses and have benefited greatly from their expert tuition,

buzzy workshops and opportunities to perform at every turn.

These are the courses where your child really can expect to make the equivalent of a year’s musical progress in just a few days.

All the music is arranged by Nick to suit the level and experience of each player and the concerts are relaxed and fun,

enabling instrumentalists to flourish and gain confidence as they progress onto the next level.

The courses are held in beautiful  venues with superb home cooked food and opportunities

for country pursuits and outdoor concerts.

Team work, making new friends and the camaraderie of playing in ensembles all come as part of the package - 

Nick and Julie are the perfect hosts as well as top musicians and educators themselves. 10/10!"

Jane Williams is a former UK headteacher and now works as an International school inspector.
Before leaving Oman she worked with a Music and Arts Institute, using her own music degree and knowledge
to expand the provision of music and arts in Muscat.
It was during this period that she arranged to host a "Flutes en Vacances" course at the Institute.

She writes...

One of my greatest desires is to ensure that students who take music also have a chance to make music with others of all standards.
It was wonderful to see the flute group doing exactly this when they visited the Institute.
The enthusiasm and happy faces of all ages will always be imprinted on my memory!
Of course this did not happen by accident; the careful planning and arranging of music and groups
 by Nick and Julie were the driving force of the success of the event.
They exuded enthusiasm throughout the course and guided the members through a series of concerts
with smooth organisation and confidence.
One of the most pleasurable aspects was to see young teenagers mixing with ease with older members of the group,
secure in the knowledge that playing the flute was a "cool activity" and did not mean that you had be stuffy or serious.
In fact, Julie and her infectious enthusiasm is so charismatic that she could make serving tea at the WI cool!
Such organisations as this should be encouraged and praised and I fully endorse the work of Julie and Nick.

Christy Wanamaker, Head of Music, Anglo American School, Moscow
where Julie and Nick were at work in
March 2010, 2011,2012,2013, 2014 and soon to go in 2015
REFLECTIONS- from some of the Anglo American School Students

Julie and Nick were really helpful.
She really inspired me by the amount of energy she put into everything.
I was so surprised when I saw how much energy she had because I didn't expect a person like her (from my first impression) to have as much energy as she proved she had.
She really woke the flutes up and helped us emphasize the staccato notes in our music.
And she helped everyone in the band be more excited. I noticed a huge improvement in the saxophones.
My favorite part with our guests was when Julie took all the flutes in the practice room
and taught us to energize our staccato notes.
I also enjoyed the individual lesson as it helped me very much on the little,
but important, things that I was doing wrong.

The really impressive part of their visit at AAS was the concert.
I was amazed at the things Julie could do on the flute and at how clearly and beautifully Nick
played the saxophone and the clarinet. It was really enjoyable.
8th grade flute

I thought my sound was good enough, and my flute skills were good enough,
 however, after having lesson with professional flute teacher,
I figured it out I still need to practice more! I was impressed by her skills, and it made me practice harder. ☺
The incorporation was that before I start to play the music, I start with the exercise that she thought me.
If I start with that exercise, my sounds are better, and I always listen to my sound while I play my flute.
How it sounds like, and how I should improve my sound. 

Thing that inspired me the most was, the way she played the flute, was amazing for me.
I have a flute teacher, and he is also a professional flute player,
 and I thought he was the best player ever in the world (lol☺) but he wasn’t.
How she played flute, how she thought me, how she was talking to me, it was all very surprising.
It was very short time but I learnt a lot from that 15 minute lesson.
I was surprised by how many different types of flutes there are, and how she played piccolo.
 I have played piccolo before, but it was really hard, and I couldn’t even make a sound.
However, for her, it was just so easy and sounded really good.
Also, the long piece that she played with her voice and her flute were amazing too.
I have never seen a person playing flute with their voice,
and I saw her playing! It was surprising and wanted to play flute like she did. 

Every single time with her was valuable and enjoyable.
 However, the concert and teaching session were the most enjoyable time.
The concert was 30 minutes, but she played loads of pieces without resting.
When I play flute for long time, my arms get tired, so I normally give up.
However, she kept going and played the whole music. It was very valuable and thoughtful for me.
I looked back and thought, I was just being childish and whining.
After that, I played longer without whining, and thought her lesson was very useful to me.
10th grade flute

When the guests arrived, I got to learn how to change from lower notes to higher notes, sounding better,
and I got to learn a couple of new music pieces.
I especially liked being taught swan lake by Nick even though it was very hard.
I found playing the song SWAN LAKE most surprising,because it had three different parts, and sounded great.
It surprised me because I heard it before in the theatre, and it sounded great!!It also was hard.
 If I were given more time with them, I would really want to practice the song SWAN LAKE, and improve on it to sound better.
7th grade sax

Trevor Wye, Teacher's Course. Monmouth, UK. February 2012

Dear Julie,
A big 'thank you' for being such a wonderful hostess these past days.
I enjoyed it immensely as did the students and I can't believe how you took those great Forum sessions and kept us all under control as well as cooked such lovely food.Of course, the irreplaceable and excellent Nick also worked very hard, but it was all your co-ordination and
energy that made it a lovely few days.Thank you!...and please thank Nick again.
Lots of love and I hope the rest goes well. TW.

Thank you for an amazing weekend!

I felt inspired and uplifted to be part of a group of people who  strive for the real meaning and Art of Flute playing and teaching.  Ideas and opinions were shared, discussed and demonstrated and  you, dear Julie, and Trevor, cleverly steered us through the  pitfalls and technical issues that present themselves throughout  our lives of teaching and playing.
Thank you for enabling us to have this opportunity of meeting and  listening to the incomparable Trevor Wye and his brilliantly  ordered mind and talent.
The majestic Treowen House, the grounds, surrounding countryside  and the delicious food and wine were much appreciated by everyone.
I have returned home with renewed vigour and ideas for my students and for my own flute playing!....thanks to you!

I wanted to tell you what a great time I had at your course in Monmouth, and of course it was a real pleasure to have met you! I think you and Nick did such an amazing job with venue, course activities, energy, and all that delicious food (YUM!!!)

Thank you very much for having me, and very much looking forward to the next time we meet!

Dear Julie and Nick
I just reorganize my notes from the flute course in Monmouth, lots of new ideas!
I've never been to a course like this, and I don't think there are any in Taiwan.
Thank you again for giving me a chance to attend such a wonderful course.
I get many inspiration and passion toward teaching from you.
Hope in the future I could also be an experienced and innovative teacher as well as flutist as you are.

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful course last weekend with Trevor, Nick and yourself which was brilliantly organised and thoroughly exciting, thought provoking and enlightening! Your enthusiasm was amazing and sometimes frightening (in a good way!) - you wore me out just watching you :) I love your energy xx

The course was invaluable to me as a fledgling teacher and I learned so much in just a few days with you and Trevor, who is an absolute darling and a truly wonderful, gifted and generous man. Such a legend!

The food was wonderful (too wonderful actually - I put on a few pounds over the three days!) and I'd like to thank you and Nick in preparing and cooking food that was made with love and suitable for us all to eat, enjoy and share.

I just wanted to drop you both a quick note to thank you again for a wonderful course this weekend.  We had a great time and learned such a lot from interacting with the two of you and the other experienced teachers.  And of course, the food and location were amazing!!

Thank you for all the trouble you went to putting the course together, and for inviting us to join you. It was certainly a treat!

Adult Course with Julie and Nick at Home Farm Witney, Oxfordshire
February 2012

Thanks for a wonderful course - the memories will stay with me forever!. TA.

Dear Julie and Nick,
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent course last weekend.  I was very apprehensive when I booked it; I was unsure about whether it would be worth such a long drive on a Friday night after work, but it surpassed any expectations I had for it. It was so inspiring to get advice from someone who is a flute, rather than a clarinet, specialist.  It is incredible that small pieces of information can make such a difference to the tone of playing - I promise I will try to implement all the advice given. You managed to strike just the right balance between being challenging with what was expected whilst still making the tasks achievable and fun. It was also great to get the chance to play with other people.

Away from the music: the warm welcome I was given as soon as I arrived certainly put me at ease immediately. The food was wonderfully prepared and the company relaxed and interesting. I would certainly love to come on one of your courses again sometime. If you are arranging one at the right standard for me, that falls in a school holiday, then please let me know.
I hope the rest of your week with the kids went well.
All the best to both of you,. JH
I feel much more confident and inspired since I came back from the course.
Thank you for a wonderful course with such a lovely groupand wonderful playing (and food!).
I  had a very nice time and I really felt that I was amongstvery good friends.
Thanks for everything. DT

Therapy Course with Atarah Ben-Tovim,
Julie Wright and Nick Foster
Treowen Monmouth UK February 2012

I can say without any doubt that it was a completely unique experienceand I must have been on dozens of courses over the last 40 years, starting with a very old one (still running) organised by Jimmy (violin) and June Maddox (oboe) when I was just fifteen,
younger even than Orlando. One of the best things was that we were treated the whole time like adults.
There is an unfortunate tendency for  professional players to go into "teacher mode" making even their adult pupils feel like children,not a pleasant experience to be talked down to. Like most older people I like to be told straight out when something is not right, so I can set about mending it.
The food and drink of course made it an even more memorable experience as did the magnificent surroundings!

What is more I am grateful for this magnificent 7 days which I could spent with you and with wonderful professors

who gave me so many advices and tips. Thank you for care at me and all good things which you gave me.
I learn from you a lot and I never forgot this.

I hope we will meet each other again. :) JB. Poland

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